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For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 911
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January is Cervical Health Awareness Month. Thousands of women in the United States are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year, but the disease is preventable with vaccination and screening. Be sure to speak with your family physician if you have any concerns. 

Flu Season Tips

Flu season has arrived! Here are some tips to help keep yourself well.


1. Get your flu vaccine! While the vaccine may not prevent you from getting the flu, it will lessen the severity of your symptoms.

2. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. 

3. Stay home when you are sick to prevent spreading the flu.

4. Cover your mouth and nose.

5. Wash your hands with soap and hot water often.

6. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth after coming in contact with sick people or touching public doors, shopping carts, etc.

7. Practice healthy habits such as disinfecting surfaces, getting plenty of rest and staying hydrated.

8. Get treated by a doctor upon first notice of symptoms. 

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